What is PROMPT?

PROMPT, otherwise known as Prompts for Restructing Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets, is a multidimensional approach to tackle speech production disorders, improve the oral-motor planning and relationship in articulation, and increase overall speech intelligibility. We use our jaw, tongue, and lips to accurately articulate our sounds when communicating. Our SLP who are trained in PROMPT place their hands on the child’s face to guide his/her jaw, lips, and tongue to move correctly to form words.

Why use PROMPT?

  • To develop an interactive awareness/focus for oral communication
  • To develop integrated multi-sensory associative mapping for cognitive or linguistic concepts
  • To develop balance and/or restructure speech subsystems at the motor-phoneme, word, or phrase level.

I saw my child’s therapist use the PROMPT tactile cues, can I use these techniques at home?

As much as we love home exercise programs, the professional recommendation is NO. As different tactile sensations innervate different muscles, please leave this to the professionals.

For more information, contact your child’s SLP or visit https://promptinstitute.com/