A brain injury can occur at birth or through trauma (Sports concussion, car accident, large fall). A  severe brain injury may result in deficits involving muscles, speech, vision, hearing, or taste depending on what are of the brain is damaged. Those with a traumatic brain injury may need medical and rehabilitative treatment including physical, occupational, or speech therapy.

How well a child recovers from a head injury depends on the type of injury and other health problems that may be present. It is important to focus on maximizing your child's abilities at home and in the community. You can encourage your child to strengthen his or her self-esteem and have independence. –From Stanford Children’s Health

Here at Mount Pleasant Pediatric Therapy, we take all aspects of healing into consideration and provide a fun and safe environment for you child to grow in. We will collaborate with you, your child, their healthcare team in order to set goals and reach them. Your physical therapy will work directly and collaboratively with your child’s primary care physician regarding their TBI protocol or return to sport protocol. During the initial evaluation, your therapist will work to figure out what deficits in function your child may be experiencing and get a plan of care set in place to address all concerns. Your therapist will work on balance training, gait training, strengthening and endurance in order to get your child back to their prior level of function and decrease risk of future TBI. Mount Pleasant Pediatric Therapy is a multiroom facility that helps your child perform activities and exercises in environments that will mirror real world experiences in a safe and controlled way such as rock climbing wall, tree house, swing, stairs, obstacle courses, etc.