Scoliosis is a deformity of the spine in which the spine curves to the right or left by more than 10 degrees. It affects girls more than boys and usually presents during the ages of 10 to 18. Scoliosis can be inherited from parents or acquired.

After your child is diagnosed with scoliosis they may be prescribed physical therapy, a brace or surgery. It is important to start treatment for scoliosis immediately in order to prevent secondary complications such as worsening curve which can lead to compromised organ function.

At the initial physical therapy evaluation, your physical therapist will measure your child’s spine range of motion as well as asses the  body for possible muscle imbalances. From there, your physical therapist will begin a series of exercises that will retrain the back muscles and begin to correct and lessen the curve of the spine. Your physical therapist will also create a home exercise program for you to work on at home with your child.

Mount Pleasant Pediatric Therapy makes therapy fun by utilizing games and peers into the session in order to provide a fun therapeutic environment. Your child will look forward to coming as well as get stronger and more confident!


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