What are Orthopedic Injuries We Treat?

Here at Mount Pleasant Pediatric Therapy, we treat a broad range of Orthopedic Injuries. Common injuries seen are ACL and meniscus repairs, low back pain, ankle sprains, flat feet, shoulder injuries, and any other post-surgical rehabilitation from an injury.

What are things my Physical Therapist will do to help me rehabilitate from my orthopedic injury?

Depending on the type of orthopedic injury your child may incur, your Physical Therapist will customize a treatment plan to rehabilitate your child back to their normal levels of activity and beyond. Your PT will customize a mix of mobilizations, soft tissue massage, and strengthening activities based upon your child’s specific needs and area of injury.

Mobilizations, also called manual therapy, are an example of a hands-on treatment and are a form of passive movement technique for orthopedic injuries. When your Physical Therapist performs a mobilization on your child, they are applying the force that would mimic the movement that normally happens in between the bones, but is now limited due to their orthopedic injury. For children, mobilizations are performed at a slow speed. Speed and force can vary slightly based upon your child’s pain tolerance, as well as how new the injury is. During a mobilization, your therapist will ask throughout how it feels as to know whether to apply more pressure or less. The goal of a mobilization is to restore the normal motion within the specific joint being treated.

Soft tissue massage is another form of manual therapy. This is not used as frequently as strengthening activities and mobilizations, but is used in certain cases where your child’s pain levels may be too high to tolerate a mobilization. The goal of soft tissue massage is to prevent scar tissue from building up around the incision site if your orthopedic injury required surgery, which in turn will help increase range of motion in that specific area. Another goal is to help alleviate pain.

Strengthening activities will vary based upon your child’s injury, but all activities performed will be done with the ultimate goal of having your child return to doing what they love.


How will Physical Therapy Help Me to Return to Peak Level of Athletic Performance?

Your Physical Therapist will customize a treatment plan for in clinic sessions, as well as a customized home exercise plan, to help your child return to a peak level of athletic performance. Your therapist will take into consideration your child’s interests and goals of activities they would like to be able to perform again, and incorporate these things in a manner that is fun and beneficial for the child.