What are Early Intervention (EI) Services?

Is the term used to describe the services and supports that are available to babies and young children with developmental delays and disabilities and their families. Ages typically run from birth to 3 years of age.

May include speech therapy, physical therapy, and other types of services based on the needs of the child and family.

Can have a significant impact on a child’s ability to learn new skills and overcome challenges and can increase success in school and life.

EI services are available in every state. These publicly funded programs provide services for free or at a reduce cost for children who are eligible.

What is BabyNet?

BabyNet is South Carolina’s interagency early intervention system for infants and toddlers under three years of age with developmental delays, or who have conditions associated with developmental delays. 

BabyNet is one of the forms of insurance that is accepted at Mount Pleasant Pediatric Therapy. Mount Pleasant Pediatric Therapy offers therapy services that include Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Physical Therapy.

BabyNet policy states that early intervention service must be provided in settings that are natural or typical for a same-aged infant or toddler without a disability. Therapist at Mount Pleasant Pediatric Therapy are able to travel to in home or daycare environments to provide a more natural environment for therapeutic interventions.

Families and Health Care providers can make online referrals to BabyNet in the State of South Carolina 24/7 or call 866-512-8881. https://msp.scdhhs.gov/babynet/site-page/local-contact-information

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