Does your child refuse to eat foods from a specific food group?

Does your dinner table turn into a battle ground during mealtimes?

Does your child seem anxious or scared when trying new foods?


Mount Pleasant Pediatric Therapy provides practical, individualized, and sensory based agenda to helping children who are “picky” eaters. We know that there are many “cultural myths” surrounding food, and that eating is an incredibly complex process. We know that parents often feel pressure to ensure that their child is eating “properly”, and often feel as if they are failing if their child does not “clean his plate”. We believe in making food play fun! We do not believe that “if your child is hungry, then he will just eat”.

With our sensory approach, we look at eating myths as roadblocks to success. Our first agenda is to create a food list that we slowly and strategically expand through many different strategies. Our treatment plans offer parents a refreshing take on past behaviors through specific recommendations. We believe that focusing on your child’s individual personalities will increase positive interactions with food through play and exploration, with decreased focus on eating or putting food in mouth. We advocate for the introduction of new foods through games to encourage touching, smelling, playing and even painting with food.