What are ADL’s? 

ADL’s, or Activities of Daily Living, are just that. They are the basic, everyday activities we engage in. This includes play, bathing, dressing, hygiene, eating, sleeping, mobility, and moving from one position to another. Instrumental Activities of Daily Living, or IADL’s, are the more advanced self-care activities such as: food preparation, transportation, money management, medication management, home maintenance, and managing communication. The term ADLs helps occupational therapists quickly communicate the level of assistance an individual might need or how their health is impacting their day-to-day life. Occupational therapists assist their patients in engaging in meaningful and purposeful daily tasks.


How can our occupational therapists at MPPT help with these skills?

At MPPT, we work with all ages and populations on development and mastery of skills needed to engage in ADLs.  The main way that children learn is through play!  We are experts in human form and function, within the context of the environment.  With our knowledge of the interaction between brain and body, our occupational therapists help children develop cognitive and motor skills required to increase independence in daily life. Our OTs will also use task analysts in order to break down a task into the smallest of components to promote skill development.